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Welcome to the Ladies of Harley® (LOH)

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is the group of female Harley-Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities and adventures from within a local Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) Chapter. All Ladies who are members of the Singapore Chapter are, by virtue of that membership, members of LOH. Whether you ride solo or as a passenger, LOH helps promote ladies participation in the world of Harley-Davidson.

The active members of LOH are a group of women who enjoy organizing and participating in social, travel and charitable events resulting in everlasting friendships, where laughter is heard and memories are made. LOH has something to offer everyone. As members of L.O.H. we run our own meetings and sponsor activities in which both ladies and men can participate. Want to be an International LOH member? You must be an active female with full or full life, associate or associate life membership in H.O.G. Membership to LOH is free of charge; however, it is not automatic. It states on your membership card if you are a member of LOH right beneath your H.O.G. number.


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