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Upcoming events

    • 25 Jan 2020
    • 27 Jan 2020
    • The Kasturi Resort, Cherating
    • 4
    Registration is closed

    Planned over the long weekend of the Chinese New Year, we are headed to Cherating, the famous beach town in Pahang, Malaysia for a 3D/2N Major Destination Ride.

    We will be riding across the peninsular headed towards east arriving at ‘The Kasturi Resort’, Cherating. 

    Rates include breakfast for both days, and a HOG sponsored buffet dinner (Non-members will be charged )on 25th Jan 2020.

    This year we will be issuing MDR RIDE patches for all participants. Something to look forward to after completing your ride.

    Registration closes on the evening of 11th Dec 2019. Please hurry to book the rooms as they are limited!

    Other out-sourced activities available at hotel (Can be arranged at hotel on arrival on 25th Jan 2020, you have to pay the hotel directly)

    • Surfing School @ Cherating Beach - RM160 Per person
    • Create your own Batik - RM50 Per person
    • Cherating Firefly watch - RM35 Per person
    • Keropok Lekor (Crackers) making experience - RM50 Per person
    • Ketapang SPA - (You need to make direct booking with hotel, 2 days in advance, contact: +609 582 5000)

    Push off time will be communicated more closer to the ride date.

    Joining a major destination ride is the best way of getting to know other HOG members. Register soon! 

    No refunds or cancellations allowed.

    In case you have any questions or need any clarifications, please reach out to our activities officer Raof at activities_6@singaporehog.com

  • MMR

    • 16 Feb 2020
    • TBD


    • 07 Mar 2020
    • 08 Mar 2020
    • Desaru Coast
    • 7

    For this overnight MMR on 7/8th March 2020, we will ride up North Johor to ‘Kari Kambing 40 Hari’ to have brunch (at your own expense) and then ride back south to our final location, The Sands & Sandals Resort & Spa at Desaru Coast for a relaxed evening. 

    Registration includes room, breakfast for 2pax and HOG hosted dinner (non-members will be charged) on 7th March 2020. 

    Registration closes on the evening of 10th Feb 2020. 

    Meet at Gelang Patah(Petron station) @ 8:00am for a push-off at 8:30am! 

    Joining the MMR’s is a great way of getting to know other HOG members. Register soon! 

    No refunds or cancellation are allowed. 

    If you have any question please contact our activities Raof at activities_6@singaporehog.com

  • MMR

    • 28 Mar 2020
    • TBD


    • 10 Apr 2020
    • 14 Apr 2020
    • Phuket
    • 8

    Phuket Bike Week 2020 (PBW)

    PHUKET BIKE WEEK 2020 “ASIAN Ride Together” welcomes motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world.  This legendary event in Asia will celebrate the 26th anniversary on 11th to 13th April 2020. It expects to draw over 10,000 motorcycles, 50,000 visitors from 30 countries to Phuket.

    We would like to encourage more HOG members to join the PBW. To facilitate this, we have now changed the itinerary to start the ride on 10th April, as 10th is a public holiday, instead of starting on the 11th April.

    We will return one day earlier on 14th April. We hope this will make it easier for our valued HOG members to participate in the ride. 

    HOG Member Trip Package

    5D4N Trip Package from 10th to 14th April 2020; total distance of riding estimated at 2,680 km.

    Information of Trip Packages:

    • Package A at S$465: Rider to 1 Room + 1 PBW Event Bundle
    • Package B at S$540: Rider + 1 Pax to 1 Room + 2 PBW Event Bundle

    Accommodation catered for all nights (Standard rooms) with daily breakfast included. Hotel beds are double beds unless otherwise requested by participants.

    Other information:

    • Each PBW Event Bundle includes PBW VIP Grand Dinner (7.30 to 10 pm on 12th April 2020), PBW T-shirt short sleeve (Sizes available: M, L, XL & XXL), Bandana, Pin & Patch, Official Sticker and others.  PBW Event Bundle will be distributed upon arrival at hotel in Phuket.
    • Spaces subject to Room Availability 
    • More ride/activity details shall be sent closer to event date through email/Whatsapp group chat

    Ride Itinerary:





    10th April, Friday

    Singapore - Danok


    11th April, Saturday

    Danok - Phuket


    12th April, Sunday



    13th April, Monday

    Phuket - Danok


    14th April, Tuesday

    Danok - Singapore

    Preparation for the trip

    Getting ready:

    • Check that passport is valid (validity > 6 months, i.e. valid beyond October 2020)
    • Ensure SG cash-card has sufficient stored value for toll at Singapore Immigration and bring along sufficient cash in MYR and Baht.  Activate your credit card for overseas’ use if you plan to use it at fuel stops.
    • Check that your Bike and Tires are in Good Condition for this Long-Distance Ride. 
    • Bring spare Key and security fob (if used). Do not keep the spare key with the bike.
    • Do pump full tank at each petrol station during fuel stops.
    • 200km min mileage per tank is required.
    • Recommended to hydrate yourself with 2 bottles (500 ml ea) of water at each petrol stop.

    Documentation required for the ride to Thailand:

    • Photocopy of Bike owner’s log card with "Certified True Copy" stamped by HDS (Do prepare 2 copies in case 1 gets damaged). 
    • If you are not the owner of the bike that you are riding, please provide a letter from the owner stating that you can ride the bike in Thailand for these dates.
    • Copy of motorcycle insurance showing you are covered in the whole of Thailand.
    • Copy of travel insurance with medical coverage.
    • A valid Driver’s License and a valid International License.
    • A completed Thailand Immigration Form.
    • Completed Thai Customs forms T2 and T3. 

    Note: Once you step into Thailand the bike registration form needs to be submitted for the Customs Declaration.  A 10,000 Baht fine will be imposed if you do not have this when you leave.


    If you have any questions or queries please contact our Activities officer Anil at activities_1@singaporehog.com.

    Ride Safe!

    • 01 May 2020
    • 03 May 2020
    • The Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat, Ipoh
    • 5

    Abandon all worldly concerns and stresses of life. Surrender to absolute serenity and harmony amidst a landscape of wondrous, eternal beauty.

    The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is nestled in a 22.7-acre valley, cradled by 260 million-year old towering Paleozoic limestone hills, verdant rainforest, rejuvenating geothermal hot springs, natural caves and cascading waterfalls. Your getaway to regain balance and rediscover your sense of true self, this unique hideaway is designed to luxuriate in, with therapeutic value in mind.

    There will be a HOG sponsored dinner on the 1st evening.(Non-members will be charged)

    Please note that the resort has a child policy of 12 years and older.

    Complimentary guest facilities as following: 

    • Geothermal Hot Dipping Pools 
    • Thermal Steam Cave 
    • Ice Bath 
    • Meditation Cave 
    • Therapeutic Reflexology Pool 
    • Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Pool 
    • Crystal Cave 
    • Fitness Centre 
    • Access to Lost World of Tambun via our Jungle Walk 
    • Complimentary daily activities such as Yoga & Stretching classes (first come first serve basis and registration needed) 

    In case you have any questions feel free to reach out to our activities officer Vivek at activities_4@singaporehog.com

    No refund or cancellations 

  • MMR

    • 07 May 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

  • MDR

    • 23 May 2020
    • 25 May 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

    • 06 Jun 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

    • 27 Jun 2020
    • HDS

    Details to be posted soon

    • 04 Jul 2020
    • 05 Jul 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

  • MDR

    • 31 Jul 2020
    • 02 Aug 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

    • 29 Aug 2020
    • 30 Aug 2020
    • TBD

    Details to be posted soon

Past events

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18 Aug 2018 Ride Safe 2018
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04 Aug 2018 New Members Orientation
28 Jul 2018 Hari Raya Charity Ride
21 Jul 2018 Marshal Training + HRC Nomination
14 Jul 2018 MMR Overnight - Melaka
30 Jun 2018 LOH BBQ
23 Jun 2018 Membership Renewal Day
26 May 2018 Cameron Highlands MDR – Strawberry Park Resort
12 May 2018 New Members Orientation
11 Apr 2018 Phuket Bike Week 2018
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24 Feb 2018 First Aid Training
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13 Jan 2018 MMR Overnight - Rider's Lodge
23 Dec 2017 Pre-Christmas (and last of the year) Run
16 Dec 2017 KL Bike Week
16 Dec 2017 HDS Stars Of Christmas Toy Run 2017
09 Dec 2017 Toy Run
25 Nov 2017 New Members Get Together
12 Nov 2017 Remembrance Day Ride
04 Nov 2017 Deepavali Charity Ride
27 Oct 2017 Queen's Baton Relay Ride
21 Oct 2017 Monthly MMR - Lunch at the Coachman (Changi)
14 Oct 2017 Accident Scene Management Course
16 Sep 2017 Meet the Committee Ride
09 Sep 2017 Dinner and Dance 2017
09 Sep 2017 AGM
09 Sep 2017 Ride To AGM
27 Aug 2017 New Member Get-Together
19 Aug 2017 Singapore Ride Safe 2017 - Saturday August 19
09 Aug 2017 National Day Ride
05 Aug 2017 Port Dickson - Overnight Ride
29 Jul 2017 Hari Raya Charity Ride
22 Jul 2017 “Assistant Director’s Members Challenge”
24 Jun 2017 Kuantan via the Coast
18 Jun 2017 Assisi Hospice Annual Charity Fun Day
17 Jun 2017 Membership Renewal Day
10 Jun 2017 Marshal Theory and Practical Session
27 May 2017 LOH Family BBQ
27 May 2017 Ride to LOH BBQ
29 Apr 2017 Cameron Highlands MDR
25 Apr 2017 Anzac Day Ride – Dawn Commemorative Service
11 Apr 2017 Phuket Bike Week MDR
15 Jan 2017 New Member Get Together

Where is GP?

GP stands for Gelang Patah, and it is the first city after crossing the border at TUAS Second Link.

We normally meet at the first Petron Station, located approximately 2km from the border. The map on the right shows the exact location. Click here to see how the place looks like.

Please note that there is also a Petronas station, right after the Petron one. Stop at the first one.


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