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The following are the minimum safety requirements to participate in a group ride with the HOG Singapore Chapter. Members will not be allowed to ride in a group if they do not meet the minimum requirements:

  • ¾ Helmets with PSB, DOT, ECE or JIS or similar standards approval are the minimum requirements on HOG Singapore rides. If you choose to wear the helmet without the visor, please ensure you have alternate eye protection.
  • 'Bed Pan' / Beanie helmets do not afford any protection at all in an accident. This style of helmet is banned on HOG Singapore rides.
  • Fingerless Gloves are the minimum requirement when riding with HOG Singapore. We highly recommend full gloves.
  • Covered shoes are compulsory on all HOG rides. Sandals, flip flops etc. will not be allowed.
  • Full length jeans/pants are the minimum requirement for HOG Singapore rides. We highly recommend Kevlar jeans or Riding pants for your own safety. Riding in shorts will not be allowed.
  • Singlets are not allowed on HOG Singapore rides. We recommend wearing a jacket with body armour but the minimum requirement is a normal T-Shirt.

The designated Road Captain on a ride reserves the right to not allow you to ride with the group if you do not meet the minimum requirements of safety.


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